19 year old artist and massive nerd. I'm obsessed with - Beards - the Hobbit cast - Supernatural - Game of Thrones + ASOIAF - Arya x Gendry - Destiel - Rose x Ten - and Justin Vernon x Me (Bon Iver) - He's dangling my keys, even fakes a toss. Whatever could it be, that has brought me to this loss.

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writing tip #804:


it’s a metaphor; you put your fingers on the keys but you don’t actually do any writing

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Come back from a week of winter in northern Sweden and Stockholm is in full fucking bloom.

Time to get out a dress and buy allergy meds

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And ten years later, this is still hot…

This will never not be hot

#Aragorn opening that door is everyone’s sexuality tbh

#Aragorn doing anything is hot let’s be real

Tom Hanks enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.

Scarlett Johansson by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair (May 2014)

Reading is always charming.

Krikor Jabotian Haute Couture 2013